Paradise Daycare and Preschool


Early Literacy and Language Development Program:
Objective: Develop foundational language and pre-reading skills.
• Letter recognition, alphabet games, and tracing letters.
• Storytelling and interactive reading sessions.
• Introduction to basic sight words.

Mathematics Exploration Program:
Objective: Foster foundational math skills and numerical understanding.
• Counting and number recognition activities.
• Sorting and categorizing objects.
• Simple addition and subtraction through hands-on activities.

Science and Engineering Discovery Program:
Objective: Encourage curiosity, exploration, and early scientific thinking.
• Simple science experiments (e.g., mixing colors).
• Building with blocks and construction toys.
• Introduction to basic coding concepts through age-appropriate tools.

Creative Arts and Expressive Program:
Objective: Nurture creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills.
• Arts and crafts projects.
• Music and movement sessions.
• Role-playing and dramatic play activities.

Social and Emotional Development Program:
Objective: Promote emotional intelligence, social skills, and self-regulation.
• Group discussions on feelings and emotions.
• Role-playing scenarios for social interaction.
• Cooperative play and teamwork activities.