Paradise Daycare and Preschool


Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development Program:
Objective: Enhance coordination, balance, and physical abilities.
• Building with blocks and engaging in stacking activities.
• Outdoor play with climbing structures and balls.
• Painting and drawing to develop fine motor skills.

Early Literacy Program:
Objective: Introduce early literacy skills and a love for books.
• Storytime with engaging and age-appropriate books.
• Introduction to alphabet letters through play.
• Rhyming games and fingerplays.

Problem-Solving and Cognitive Development Program:
Objective: Stimulate cognitive growth, problem-solving, and logical thinking.
• Puzzle and shape-sorting games.
• Simple counting and matching activities.
• Sensory bins with different textures and objects.

Creative Arts Program:
Objective: Encourage creativity, self-expression, and sensory exploration.
• Messy play with safe, non-toxic materials (e.g., finger painting).
• Playdough and sculpting activities.
• Music and movement activities with simple instruments.

Socialization and Communication Program:
Objective: Foster social skills, cooperation, and early communication.
• Group play and sharing activities.
• Circle time with songs and interactive games.
• Simple conversations and turn-taking exercises.